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Subject:Timo thanks City of Madison
Bulletin: ImageThe City of Madison has been fantastic in its administrative support of the Mad City 100K. Timo recently made a preliminary tour of the course with Sgt. Cindy Mierow of the Madison Police Department (shown here) and found everything in order. (FYI, in 2005, Sgt. Mierow was inducted into the Edgewood College Athletic Hall of Fame; runners in the Mad City 100K run through a portion of the college's scenic campus.) The course is over Madison's most popular 10-kilometer race route, much of it within the City's jurisdiction.

Being an urban race, numerous City departments need to be involved in the proper planning of the Mad City 100K events, including Police (Sgt. Mierow) and Parks (Ms. Kathryn Padorr). Timo greatly appreciates the positive working relationship he has enjoyed with City officials over the years.

For more information about the City of Madison and some of the many opportunities and services here (as well as local weather and news), you can check out the City's website at .
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Posted:March 19th, 2010 2:08 pm
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