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 March 26th, 2017 
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[image: Race for the Ages]11th Annual Race: Saturday April 8, 2017

Race for the Ages - 50K Relay Race

Attention Relay Captains! Download and complete the Relay Team Members form before packet pickup to save time.

The certified relay course consists of 5 loops around Madison's most popular 10K course, which winds through the beautiful University of Wisconsin Arboretum and along the shores of Lake Wingra. Relay teams may have 2 to 5 runners. The only relay exchange point will be at the start/finish area, meaning each runner must run a minimum of one 10K loop (6.2 miles).

The relay begins at 8 AM. Relay runners will be timed by a computer chip worn on an ankle strap and passed from runner to runner. Runners must also carry a nifty gold baton (provided).

Relay prizes will be awarded in four categories based on the combined ages of a team's runners. That's one of the things that sets this race apart and why it's called "Relay for the Ages."
The categories are:
  • 125 or younger
  • 126-150
  • 151-175
  • 176-200
  • 201-250
  • 251 and older

We'll simply add the ages of your team members together and enter you in the appropriate category. If your team consists of fewer than the maximum five runners, that's no problem. For instance, if one runner is doing two 10K laps, we'll count that runner's age twice.

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