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Subject:Important requirement for Masters runners in the USATF National Championship
Masters runners (that is, any runner age 40 and over) have a special identification requirement for the race. USATF Masters national championship guidelines mandate that a runner wear a "back tag" indicating his/her age group. In other words, a sort of "bib number" must be worn on the runner's back so that competitors behind can identify that runner's age group. The Mad City 100K being a national championship race, this guideline will be enforced. We will provide each Masters runner with back tag which should be affixed by safety pin or otherwise. This means the back tag (or a reasonable facsimile) will have to be put on each shirt the runner might change during the race. The back tag will simply read "M40" or "F55", for example.
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Posted:March 25th, 2007 12:25 am
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