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Title:Solo Runners - Rules regarding personal listening devices
Date:Tuesday March 25th, 2014
Author:Timo Yanacheck
[Report: Image]Dear 100K and 50K Solo Runners,

For me, this is one the few distasteful parts of race director work, namely, to confirm for you the rule concerning "personal listening devices" in the race. I know how much you love them.

The use of MP3 players and other "portable listening devices" during footraces is still a contentious subject.

I know from personal observation that these devices do interfere with a runner's ability to hear race course marshals, other runners, traffic (bicycles and motor vehicles), aid station volunteers, and the encouraging words of long-suffering spectators.

Runners who are competing in the 100K national championship on April 12 for national titles, national awards and medals, and/or the prize money, or Wisconsin state association awards, may NOT use such devices. The same applies to runners who hope to use the 100K race to quality for consideration for the US national team. There is a specific rule implemented by USA Track & Field, which I can send you upon request. The rule is quite clear on the subject. The basis for the rule against the devices is that they are deemed to be illegal "assistance." I am not making this up.

On the other hand, if you are not a USATF member or if you do not believe you will contend for 100K national or Wisconsin association titles (open and masters), national awards/medals (top ten men and top ten women overall, or age group awards) or prize money (top six men and top six women), then you may use your audio devices in the Mad City 100K. Remember though: if you DO want to win just about anything at all in the 100K race, you may NOT use audio devices during the race.

If you are in doubt as to whether you might win a title, award/medal, or prize money in the 100K event, the sensible advice for you would be DON'T WEAR AUDIO DEVICES. To wear an audio advice at any time during the 100K race would violate the USATF rule and make you ineligible for awards, titles, medals, prize money, and a qualifying time for the US national team. During the 100K race, it's too late to change your mind and discard your audio devices so that you can regain your eligibility - you can't return "non-ineligible" status for awards once the race has started.

In contrast, since the 50K solo event and the 50K relay event are not US championships, those runners will be allowed to wear audio devices.

But please, please, please be careful, dear runners.

Our beautiful Mad City 100K loop course is not closed. It is a road race. Traffic is very light, but there is some traffic. Also, a fast runner in the race might call out ahead to a slower runner and ask for some clearance - only to learn the hard way that the runner ahead could not hear him or her. There will be some very fast runners in this race, vying for the national championship or for a slot on Team USA or for a personal best or for a record. I know each and every one of you would agree with me that it would be a tragedy if a runner who wasn't paying attention interfered with the attainment of another runner's goal.

Posted:March 25th, 2014 10:47 am
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