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Title:Solo Runner Race Rules
Date:Thursday April 3rd, 2014
Author:Timo Yanacheck
[Report: Image]Dear Solo Runners,

Follow the link below for a good summary of 'the rules'. Please read.

Please also keep this in mind: While the rules are important and will be enforced, the enforcement protocol includes a 'warning' mechanism so disqualification for infractions is not necessarily immediate or automatic. More than anything, I want to get across to you that this is part of a learning process for you. The Mad City 100K does not wish to penalize anyone. (This race has been following 'the rules' since 2007, and no one has been penalized yet.) The objectives here are to run a race that is fair to all competitors and to 'rehearse' what it will be like at the World Championship 100K race when the Americans will be in international competition. I think you will be impressed - as I have been - by the assumption being that every runner has the best intentions, and it is important for us race officials to educate the runners and crews on how to do what is right. We may request - we may advise - we may instruct adherence to the rules. Our communications with you runners or your crews ought not to be interpreted as threats in any way, shape, or form. We'll try to do any 'worrying' about the rules, for you, so that you won't worry yourself. The intrusion, if any at all, on your race will be minimal.

A reminder: our USATF liaison, Lin Gentling, a former runner on the US national team and a veteran manager of many of our overseas competitions, will give a briefing to all who are interested in learning more about 'the rules' and how they're expected to be enforced, starting at 6 p.m. on Friday, April 11, at the Vilas Park shelter, near the start/finish line of the race. Attendance is not mandatory. I encourage you to come and ask questions if you wish.

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Posted:April 3rd, 2014 2:50 pm
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