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Title:100K Solo Race Information
Date:Sunday March 29th, 2015
Author:Rick Smith
[Default Report Image]Dear 100K solo runners,

I told you that I'd be writing again soon.

As you know, the Mad City 100K will be the US national championship 100-kilometer road race again this year. I want to emphasize that in order for you to be eligible for national championship place awards and for prize money, you must a member of USATF (that's short for the USA Track & Field Association). I am strongly recommending to you that you join USATF prior to the race. It is easy to do online (at ) and it costs just $30.

Neither I nor the race gets anything from your USATF registration or membership. What you get are these:

1. A shot to win a national championship medal, awarded to the top 10 finishers in both the men's and the women's categories.

2. A shot at winning some prize money. Although it isn't as much as NASCAR pays, a check goes to each of the top six male and female place winners (from $1,000 down to $125).

3. And the most valuable prize of all - an automatic berth of the US national team going to world championship race in The Netherlands this September - can only be awarded to a USATF member.

At this moment, with race registration set to close at midnight on April 4, there are just 19 of you signed up for the Mad City 100K. (If you look on the RunRace website and see 25 names, that is inaccurate; some of those folks have either withdrawn or inadvertently signed for the wrong event.)

To repeat, there are just 19 of you so far. Regardless of how highly or lowly you might rate yourself as a contender, the "numbers" are in your favor. USATF provides me with 10 men's medals and 10 women's medals. That means you stand a very good chance of taking home a national championship place award/medal. But you must (I repeat) be a USATF member.

As always, feel free to contact me directly with any questions you may have.

(608) 259-2311
Posted:March 29th, 2015 6:27 pm
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