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Title:2008 Mad City 100 Kilometer Road Race Recap
Date:Saturday April 12th, 2008
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2008 Mad City 100 Kilometer Road Race Recap
by Race Director: Timo

Ultramarathoners - "the toughest athletes in any sport", Timo, the race director, calls them - had their day to shine at the Mad City 100K US national championship race here in Madison, Wisconsin, on April 12.

The race was won by rising ultra star Michael Wardian, 34, of Arlington, VA. Mike's time of 6 hours, 56 minutes, 57 seconds, set a new course record.

In a strong showing of American resurgence at the 100-kilometers distance, Mike was followed by Steve Stowers, 42, of Berkeley, CA, in second place with 7:14:34, and Adam Lint, 24, of Patton, PA, in third place in 7:19:06.

All three men broke the American qualifying standard of 7:20:00 for eligibility on the US national team going to Italy for the I.A.U. World Cup championship 100K in November. By virtue of winning the national championship at the Mad City 100K, Mike Wardian was awarded an automatic berth on the team.

"Mike used our 10-kilometer loop course like a clock," Timo observed. "After four loops at about 42 minutes each, Mike picked up the tempo and ran the next three loops at a pace of about 38 minutes. That long surge put him out in front of the competition once and for all."

Also going to Italy as an automatic member of the US team will be women's winner Carolyn Smith, 42, of Milwaukee. Carol broke her own masters course record by winning the women's national championship at the Mad City 100K in 8:25:26.

Veterans of international competition claimed second and third places for the women. Connie Gardner, 44, of Medina, Ohio, finished second in 8:52:07, and hometown heroine Ann Heaslett, 44, of Madison, Wisconsin, finished third in 9:40:37.

A total of 21 ultramarathoners completed the race within the allotted time of 13 hours. The final finisher was the most senior, Ed Rousseau, 68, of Minneapolis. "Fast Eddie" beat the race cutoff with 12:54:49.

Adding to the energy and color of the Mad City 100K was the citizen relay race, the "Race for the Ages". Teams were categorized by total age. 25 teams of up to 10 runners each, had a ball while helping to keep the solo runners company.

While the weather in southern Wisconsin varied throughout the race from merely chilly to mildly nasty, Timo reminded the runners it could have been worse. "Northern Wisconsin is under a blizzard warning for a foot of snow and 60-mile-per-hour winds," Timo said at the pre-race briefing. "And our southern neighbors are having thunderstorms, floods, and tornadoes. The Mad City 100K will have the best weather in the entire Midwest."

A complete race report will appear on this website in the days ahead. You can check out all of this year's final results for the Mad City 100K and US national championship, as well as the "Race for the Ages" citizen relay, at...

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2008 Mad City 100K LOC
Local Organizing Committee
[2008 Mad City 100K LOC]
Front row L to R: Anna Boldon, Ann Heaslett, Timo Yanacheck.
Middle row L to R: Shirley Crocker, Kathy Braun, John Selbo.
Back row L to R: Doug Erickson, Jason Dorgan.
(Not pictured: Robert Meyer)
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