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Title:Article submitted to UltraRunning magazine today
Date:Monday April 26th, 2010
Author:Tim Yanacheck

Mad City 100K, April 10, 2010, Madison, Wisconsin

What a beautiful day for American ultramarathoning.

At the Mad City 100K on April 10, 2010, eight runners broke the US qualifying standard for the American team forming to take on the world at the World Championship 100K road race.

Two new national champions were crowned at the race in Madison, WI. Matt Woods, 30, of Falls Church, VA, won the men’s 100-kilometers championship in a time of 7 hours, 6 minutes, 21 seconds. Meghan Arbogast, 48, of Corvallis, OR, won the women’s 100-kilometers championship in a time of 8:00:52. Arbogast’s time broke the course record set by Julie Udchachon in 2007.

To be eligible for consideration for Team USA, men must run the distance in 7 hours, 20 minutes, and women, in 8 hours, 40 minutes. In addition to Woods and Arbogast, six other runners came in under their standards: Greg Crowther (7:15:11), Chad Ricklefs (7:16:51), Chikara Omine (7:17:14), Annette Bednosky (8:05:23), Melanie Fryar (8:18:24), and Krissy Moehl (8:33:51).

Woods patiently lurked behind early pacesetter Omine, who ran the first 10 kilometers in 38 minutes. Omine held the lead through the first half of the race, when Woods took over and ran a solid, even pace to victory. Veterans Crowther and Ricklefs gradually overtook the determined Omine, who persevered and finished in fourth place overall.

For the women, Arbogast was the picture of consistency and strength throughout the 100 kilometers. Bednosky had herself in position to overtake Arbogast should she falter, but there would be no faltering by Arbogast this day.

Perfect weather for fast ultramarathoning - cool and dry - helped many athletes to run personal bests. The Mad City 100K course consists of 10 circuits around a scenic 10-kilometer loop.

“Eight qualifiers in a single race?” mused Tim Yanacheck, race director for the Mad City 100K. “I have pretty long memory, and I’m quite sure this has never been done before.”

According to Yanacheck, the race shows that the future is bright for American ultramarathoning. “Not only are these eight athletes in the spotlight, but there are other runners right on the verge of breaking through.” He noted that two other women - Angie Radosevich and Jenny Capel - also ran the race in under 9 hours, and another man - Michael Arnstein - missed his qualifying standard by just 7 minutes.

And Yanacheck points to another promising performance: Young Michael Kanning, 18, of Santa Cruz, CA, ran the 100 kilometers in 8:13:02, a time which when certified and approved, will be a new US junior national record.

Not quite 4 times Kanning’s age, Ed Rousseau provided some wonderful late-race drama. Rousseau, 70, of Minneapolis, MN, stepped up the pace on his tenth and final loop of the course to officially complete the 100 kilometers within the 13-hours cutoff. With the sun setting and the crowd of spectators urging him on, Rousseau crossed the finish line with less than 2 minutes to spare. By doing so, Rousseau made himself eligible for a possible national age group record for the 12-hour run during the same race, subject to certification and approval.

Concurrent with national championship 100-kilometers race was the Mad City 50K, a non-championship road race. This was the second year for this distance. Overall winner and first female finisher was Beverley Anderson-Abbs, 45, of Red Bluff, CA. Leading from wire to wire, she covered the 50 kilometers in 3 hours, 44 minutes, 12 seconds. Newcomer David Krall, 29, of Madison, WI, was the first male to finish, in 3:49:53. Race Director’s Honorable Mention is given to Jim Kee, at age 71 the eldest competitor at Mad City this year, who ran his first ultramarathon and finished in 15th place overall.

Complete results can be found on the Mad City 100K website, .

The Mad City 100K is patterned the race after the annual World Championship 100K road race and other international ultramarathon events. This year’s Mad City 100K had received the International Association of Ultrarunning’s Bronze Label endorsement. The 2010 World Championship 100K will be run in Gibraltar on November 6. Team USA will be made up of six men and six women. The final selection will be made on August 9-10, and the members of the team announced on August 11.

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