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Date:Sunday April 8th, 2012
Author:Timo Yanacheck
[Report: Image]Race Director’s report on the Mad City 50K, Madison, Wisconsin, March 31, 2012, by Timo Yanacheck.

Zach Bitter dueled with Patrick Russell and surged to win first place in the Mad City 50K ultramarathon road race in Madison, Wisconsin, on March 31. Patrick fought valiantly and held on in a race in which both men broke Patrick’s course record. Zach won the battle in a time of 3 hours, 3 minutes, 10 seconds, and Patrick was close behind in 3:07:15.

Patrick’s former record was 3:08:28 set in the 2009 Mad City 50K.

It was a thrill to behold these two lion-hearted athletes race virtually side by side for nearly a full marathon distance before some daylight finally shone between them. Zach, 26, is a recent UW-Stevens Point grad now living in Marinette, WI, where he works as practice teacher. He ran the fastest 50-mile race in North America last year. Patrick, 36, a former member of the USA’s 100K national team and now living in St. Paul, was pleased to have turned in his personal best time at the 50K distance.

The women’s winner was Tracy Hoeg, 32, of La Crosse, WI, finished eighth overall in 4:09:08. Tracy, 32, is a physician in family practice at Gundersen Lutheran Medical Center. She overtook Rachel Arthur, 38, of Nashville, who led the women for about the first 20 miles of the race. Rachel finished as the second-place woman, 11th overall.

By virtue of their first-place finishes and their memberships in United States Track & Field, both Zach and Tracy were declared Wisconsin 50K State Champions by USATF.

The Mad City 50K’s certified course consists of five circuits on a lovely 10K loop around Lake Wingra, through Vilas Park, the world-famous University of Wisconsin Arboretum, and lovely low-traffic city neighborhoods. The topography is described by some as “rolling hills”, but a more accurate description would be about half “kind of hilly” and about half flat. As this year’s winning times indicate once again, this can be a very speedy course. Favorable fair weather conditions helped the runners to fast times this year, with temperatures hovering in the 40's.

Ordinarily the Mad City event hosts the USA national championship 100K road race. This year, though, due to a scheduling conflict with the world championship 100K in Italy later this month, the 50K was the featured race. The Mad City 100K will return to Madison as the national championship race again in 2013.

Michael Henze, 43, of Neenah, WI, won the men’s masters title in 3:44:19. Sarah Blomme, 46, of Milwaukee, won the women’s masters race in 4:23:01.

A record field of 51 solo runners completed the race. In addition to the solo runners, an essential aspect of the Mad City 50K is the relay team competition. Teams of up to five runners compete against one another in a unique format called the “Race for the Ages”. Teams are classified not by gender, but by total age. 34 teams in four age groups ran this year’s race.

The honorary award for the Fleetest Married Couple went to Jenny and Pete Summers of Madison.

Andy Horin of Chicago was serenaded by the crowd at the finish line with an enthusiastic chorus of “Happy Birthday” as he turned 40 on the day of the race.

And speaking of birthdays, Kristine Hinrichs, race director of the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon, completed her 97th marathon or ultramarathon of her career, continuing her quest to run her 100th on December 11, the day she turns 60.

Ageless Roy Pirrung (really, age 63) wore honorary bib number “1” in recognition of his many accomplishments in ultramarathoning. He chopped 8 minutes off his 50K time at the US national championships just a month earlier.

Complete race results can be accessed through the homepage of race website, , and through the Mad City 50K/100K’s chip-timing and results specialist,, A summary of the solo results follows here. (Women’s names underlined.)

1. Zach Bitter, 26, WI 3:03:10 (course record!)
2. Patrick Russell, 36, MN 3:07:17
3. Christopher DeNucci, 32, MN 3:14:47
4. Eric Senseman, 23, WI 3:21:49
5. Michael Henze, 43, WI 3:44:19
6. Rolando Cruz, 34, WI 3:48:21
7. Eric Schotz, 40, MN 3:55:03
8. Tracy Hoeg, 32, WI 4:09:08
9. Matt Jacobson, 29, WI 4:10:59
10. Ryan Dexter, 35, WI 4:11:06
11. Rachel Arthur, 38, TN 4:13:15
12. Kristin Korevec, 30, WI 4:17:00
13: Sarah Blomme, 46, WI 4:23:01
14. Pete Summers, 50, WI 4:23:23
15. Iain Hall, 32, WI 4:24:15
16. Andy Horin, 40, IL 4:28:19
17. Jason Duelge, 43, MI 4:29:10
18. Daniel Goeckermann, 31, WI 4:30:58
19. Roy Pirrung, 63, WI 4:31: 09
20. Eric Kass, 42, WI 4:42:29
21. Kathleen Rytman, 43, WI 4:46:07
22. Jessica Hanson, 22, MN 4:48:52
23. Kirk Kittell, 31, WI 4:49:53
24. Jenny Summers, 50, WI 4:54:50
25. Kathy Muehlbauer, 38, WI 4:55:15
26. Julie Gregory, 45, WI 5:00:01
27. Kelly Carlson, 28, WI 5:01:22
28. Ken Caviezel, 43, WI 5:14:45
29. Jim Welch, 50, WI 5:20:42
30. Wendi Joseph, 43, WI 5:24:28
31. Jeffrey Willers, 42, WI 5:28:53
32. Steve Hagedorn, 53, MN 5:32:20
33. Krista Ledbetter, 30, WI 5:32:51
34. Marty Burian, 34, WI 5:32:51
35. Cynthia Carlson, 42, WI 5:35:40
36. Andy Kraus, 34, WI 5:36:26
37. Charlie Sanders, 61, WI 5:36:27
38. Roger Frings, 47, WI 5:44:02
39. Sarah Goeckermann, 25, WI 5:45:15
40. Katie Craney, 32, WI 5:50:10
40. Jean Reiche, 37, WI 5:50:10
42. Brenda Bland, 52, WI 5:51:05
43. Kimmer Lothe, 43, WI 5:56:43
43. Kay Drew, 48, WI 5:56:43
44. Gavin Tierney, 39, WI 5:57:21
45. Michael Indresano, 42, WI 5:57:21
46. Tom Swingen, 62, WI 6:22:51
47. Elisabeth Schraith, 63, WI 7:14:00
48. Kristine Hinrichs, 59, WI 7:36:58
49. Katie McCullough, 43, WI 7:42:47
49. Mo Fraley, 48, WI 7:42:47
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